Pleased to Meet You, Richie Hawtin

'If Richie Hawtin's name isn't familiar to you, we're certain his legacy is. Some 20 years ago, he was one of just a few progenitors of what is today known as techno music, and was also a key player in the development of collaborative DJ-ing. In the ensuing decades he's proven himself increasingly adept at targeting and harnessing newfangled technologies to propel the craft of the DJ onward, and today he continues to evolve and massage the electronic form. He has, in turn, played a enormous role in showing aspirational young people how to turn today's most basic technological assets--mixing software, extensive music catalog downloads, hosting sites, and so on--into a noteworthy body of work. We're obviously extremely pleased to have Richie featured in this, the inaugural week of The Creators Project. What's more, we are particularly proud of his episode. As an important player in the Creator bullpen, Richie is a massively wise and prescient sort who produces vast and hugely photogenic spectacles and always has left-of-center insights into the things we care about most. '