Muti Randolph Gives D-Edge A Facelift [DON"T USE*]

'The interior design of the D-Edge club in Sao Paulo was the first of many important projects for which Muti Randolph has become best known, and currently the go-to Brazilian nightclub is undergoing a large-scale, multimedia face-lift. The best part is that Muti is personally updating the new space, which entails the aquisition of a building beside the original D-Edge, and is himself overseeing the renovation. The club, < href="">a wildly imaginative intra-sensory destination already, will now have an additional four floors to its credit. On the site "" target="_blank">rraurl, Muti dished on some of the features in the new space: ”We’re gonna have just one window, which will be one of the new walls of the dance floor. And by using mirrors with built in LEDs, the public will be able to experience the sensation of being inside an infinite repetition of lights–on the dance floor and from outside.” Essentially, the building will take on the appearance of a giant, pulsating street block, with the teeming masses filing through a new 70-foot-plus entry just beneath the main building. Both Muti and developers remain cryptic about the date of the unveiling, but we will keep you posted with updates. '