Day One, Year One

'After months of hard work, dedication, late nights, and last-minute strokes of pure genius, we’re finally, and happily, ready to go live to the world. On behalf of all of the people working diligently behind the scenes at The Creators offices from New York to London to Beijing, welcome to The Creators Project.This week we’re proud to introduce you to our first set of Creators: They include visionary American music producer, DJ, and digital era Renaissance man Diplo, French pop four-piece Phoenix, the brilliant audiovisual artists Muti Randolph from Brazil and Karl Sadler from the United Kingdom, 8-bit dance DJ Sulumi from Beijing, and scientist-turned-artist Ho-Jun Song, a young Korean with some truly grand plans. Watch his video to find out what a “Weapon of Mass Happiness” looks like, and how he’s going to launch the world’s first privately owned “art satellite.”Tune in every week (from now until forever) as we continue to feature new Creators—artists like UVA (United Visual Artists), Radical Friend, Spike Jonze, and Mark Ronson—and their work. We’ll also be constantly updating information on our growing and evolving Creators events series. The first iteration will be held in New York on June 26 at the sprawling Milk Studios complex in the Meat Packing District. We hope to see you there.One last note: The spirit that cuts across the entirety of this project is one of conversation and collaboration, which fundamentally includes you, the audience. Watch, read, comment, share, and let us know what you think of our new arts channel and content studio every step of the way. Welcome, once again, to Day One, Year One of The Creators Project.'